March 2021 Newsletter

A Word from the Pastor: The Motivation Trap

I once had a student* who immediately started falling behind in our course. I emailed him to see how I could help him get on board without falling farther behind. This was, in part, his response:

“I have a hard time being motivated to do things these days. It’s all in my head, I know. I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. I’m slowly trying to put myself together and get into the correct mindset. I’m looking for the motivation to do things in a stressful environment. Thanks for your concern.”

And can you identify with that? I sure can. Whether it’s exercising, cleaning out the garage, or fixing some minor thing around the house, sometimes the motivation to do those things is elusive. Who wouldn’t rather read an entertaining book or watch TV instead of cleaning out the dryer vent!? And it turns into a vicious cycle: we don’t feel like exercising, so we don’t; then we feel disgusted with ourselves for not doing the thing we should be doing; then finally, we kick ourselves for failing and feel ashamed of ourselves. This is how New Year’s resolutions die a slow, painful death, by the way.

In our Western minds, we all carry a common assumption: that motivation precedes action. It’s a simple idea that makes sense. If we are going to do something—whatever it is—we have to have the proper motivation to do it. If it is to be authentic and long-lasting, then we must wait for inspiration to strike us. Otherwise, if we’re not adequately motivated, then our desired behavior will die out, right?

This is why many people don’t go to worship or don’t read their Bibles or pray (not to mention exercising and eating right). That is, they don’t feel like doing it. They’re not motivated to go to church or pick up their Bibles. Their phones and devices are far more alluring than a Bible. And any movie or football game is more exciting than church.

But what if we get it all wrong? What if we—along with my student—have it backwards? What if instead of motivation preceding action, the action precedes motivation? My student perfectly articulates what psychologists call the Motivation Myth or the Motivation Trap. The motivation trap, as articulated by Dr. Russ Harris “states that we wait to feel motivated before we take any action.” Which sounds perfectly normal to our ears. What’s the big deal? Well, “the problem is that if you’re always waiting for motivation to hit, you may be waiting your whole life! While you’re waiting on motivation, motivation is waiting on you. Because committed action comes first, and motivation comes second.” (Rubin Khoddam)

And this insight from psychology works in the spiritual life, too. If we are seeking to lead a life that draws us closer to Jesus Christ, then we need to avoid the Motivation Trap. To borrow a phrase, we need to “just do it.” It’s not a multi-step process to overcome our lethargy. It is a one-step technique: We take committed, valued action, regardless of our perceived feelings of motivation. We simply must gather our will and do the thing we know is right. We don’t wait around until we “feel” like going to church; we simply get dressed, get in the car, and go. Then, after we have done it—and after we keep doing it many times—we start to learn a new habit, and we begin to be changed by our behaviors, from the outside in.

Note well: this is not works righteousness. We don’t earn salvation; we don’t work our way toward God. But I’m telling you, the flesh is weak, even if the spirit is willing. Because of our fallen human nature (that even psychologists acknowledge), we need to overcome our limitations and inclinations and simply do what is right. It may seem absurd, but we have to trick ourselves into new behaviors.

The apostle James gives us sage advice from centuries past: “But be doers of the word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (James 1:23 CSB) That is, we may have great intentions, and we may be (on some level) desperately searching for spiritual renewal. But the basic truth is, we just need to get busy doing the things that put us in touch with God.

I wish the story of my student had a happy ending, but it doesn’t. The Motivation Myth is deeply etched into our collective minds. Like he said, it’s all in our heads. And sadly, it has a way of defeating us making us complacent, waiting around for inspiration to strike. But I say, strike first.

* The details of this example have been intentionally obscured to protect the student’s identity.

Pastor Ray

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